Duties of the Probation Department

Role and responsibilities of the Probation Department are several and of statutory origin:

  • Investigates and makes recommendations to the courts relative to the sentencing of individuals convicted of crime;
  • Assumes responsibility for supervision of those persons who are placed on probation and returned to the community;
  • Interacts with the probationer for purposes of deterring the probationer from re-offending and encouraging, instead, his rehabilitation;
  • Keeps complete and accurate records of results of probationary supervision and reporting promptly and accurately to the court the results of supervision and any violation of court orders or the terms and conditions of probation;
  • Receives referrals from law enforcement pertaining to allegedly delinquent or beyond-control minors, evaluates and processes those referrals for purposes of either referring those cases for services or to the DA for filing a petition for intervention by the Juvenile Court, or in the case of beyond-control allegations files the petition itself; operates and manages the County's juvenile detention/residential treatment facilities and home supervision program.

The Lassen County Probation Department is an integral part of the justice system,
providing direct services to the court, community, and offenders.

Our mission is:
To protect the community. To strive to prevent and reduce the frequency, severity,
and impact of criminal and delinquent behavior among adults and juveniles
who come within the jurisdiction of the Probation Department. To enforce court
orders. To promote responsible behavior in offenders. To provide information and
recommendations to the courts. To provide services to victims.

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