Job Openings

A Lassen County Employment Application, provided below, is required for all current job openings. (except for Merit System Services positions, at the end of this page).

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Note: Each position title, below, is a link to the job bulletin. 

Position Compensation Application Deadline
Deputy Sheriff Recruit $17.95 Hourly, plus benefits March 31, 2017
Director of Behavioral Health $35.52-$42.94 Hourly, plus benefits March 24, 2017
Juvenile Hall Counselor I/II  (part time )

JHC I- $16.01-$19.21 Hourly, plus benefits

JHC II-$17.53-$21.06 Hourly, plus benefits

March 6, 2017
Chief Building Official $27.78-$33.53 Hourly, plus benefits

Open until filled, first

application review- February 27, 2017

Dispatcher $16.84-$21.16 Hourly, plus benefits February 27, 2017
Victim Witness Advocate $15.30 Hourly February 24, 2017
Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor $31.98-$38.64 Hourly, plus benefits February 21,2017
Mental Health Therapist Supervisor $31.98-$38.64 Hourly, plus benefits February 21,2017
Senior Account Clerk $13.98-$16.75 Hourly, plus benefits February 21, 2017
Senior District Attorney Investigator

$25.38-$30.58 Hourly, plus benefits

(plus 4.5% for Intermediate Certificate and a total of 7% for Advanced Certificate)

Open until filled
Medication Technician/Behavioral Health Case Worker I/II

I- $19.21-$23.11     Hourly, plus benefits

II-$21.06-$25.36   Hourly, plus benefits

Public Health Nurse $29.18-$35.22 Hourly, plus benefits Continuous
Deputy Sheriff $40,908.-$51,504. plus benefits Continuous
MH Therapist I MHT I: $26.57-$32.05 Hourly, plus benefits Continuous
MH Therapist II MHT II: $29.18-$35.22 Hourly, plus benefits Continuous
Health & Social Services Driver $11.20 Hourly Continuous
Correctional Deputy I/II

I: $16.64-$20.92 Hourly, plus benefits

II: $18.23-$22.95 Hourly, plus benefits

Assistant Juvenile Hall Counselor  $12.23 Hourly Continuous

Merit Systems Positions Available

Employment opportunities with the Department of Social Services and the Department of Child Support Services (ONLY) are handled by Merit System Services.

Position Title















Closing Date










Applicants are encouraged to apply for Merit System positions (ONLY) online at or visit our application center at:  Lassen County Personnel Services, 221 S. Roop Street, Susanville CA, Merit System applications are available. For Additional information please contact us at (530) 251-8320 or e-mail our office at

Contact Information: 

Contact Information

Lassen County Personnel & Risk Management Services
221 S. Roop Street Suite 3
96130 Susanville , CA
Mon - Thu: 7:30 am-5:30 pm
Fri: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Sat - Sun: Closed
(530) 251-2663