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If the Court ordered you to pay victim restitution as a term of your probation, California Penal Code section 1202.4(5) states that because you were ordered to pay  restitution you MUST complete and file a financial statement based on your financial status as of the date of your arrest. This statement must list all your assets, income, and liabilities including any that you may have claim for in the future.

Please complete the Adult Financial Documents or the Juvenile Financial Documents.

If You Have Been Ordered to Pay Restitution

Victim Restitution NEVER goes away, it is due until paid in full. If you owe victim restitution, no matter how old, please contact our office at 530-251-8227 to set up a payment installment agreement. You can find more information regarding your responsibilities in the following:

If You Are A Victim

If you are a victim and you are looking for support options you can visit or  view the California Victim Compensation Program flier

Recovery and Reimbursement will make every effort to obtain the defendants compliance, however, payment cannot be guaranteed. When Recovery and Reimbursement receives the defendants payment the County will issue a warrant for the amount. If the amount is under $10 the County will wait to issue a check until the amount totals $10.00.

You can find more information in Financial Recovery: A Victim's Guide To Restitution available in English and Spanish

If you have not received payment one of the following may have occurred:

  1. The defendant has not made a payment, or accumulative payments have not reached $10.00
  2. The County does not have a current address for you
  3. The case has been sent back to Court for a hearing regarding the matter

If You Have Moved

Contact Recovery and Reimbursement as soon as possible at 530-251-8227.



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