Cultural Competency Committee

The Lassen County Department of Health and Social Services (HSS) has organized a Cultural Competency Committee, which we hope will better serve the Lassen County community, residents, businesses and county offices with cultural competency, beliefs, practices and, of course, language.

The Cultural Competency Committee is made up of community members and partnering agency staff which will work on completion of the required State Cultural Competence Plans, annual update to that plan, setting the training agenda for the year, assisting other providers with their cultural competence plans, and promoting culturally appropriate services throughout Lassen County.

This effort is accomplished through identification of some of our community provider training needs, recommending trainings, working on stigma reduction, focusing on underserved or inappropriately served populations of Lassen County (i.e. LGBTQ, Latinos, Veterans, older adult populations, Native Americans, ex-offenders and those living with a mental illness) as well as promotion of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards.

The purpose of the Cultural Competency Committee is to reduce and eliminate cultural disparity by improving access to culturally and linguistically sensitive competent mental health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services.



The Goals of the Cultural Competency Committee are:

  Continuous assessment of service needs throughout the community.

  Development and implementation of strategies to reduce disparities.

  Training for professionals and community members.

  Stigma reduction and promotion of culturally appropriate services.


Language Services

LCBH responds to clients cultural and linguistic preferences with options that address their needs. 

  • During regular business hours, LCBH offers service providers who are bilingual/bicultural in Spanish; language assistance in other languages is met through the use of interpreters and/or the language line. 
  • After hours, language assistance is met through the use of the language line. 
  • Cultural preferences are met by LCBH staff or contract providers, or through referral into the community. 


The LCBH Provider Directory is distributed to all clients upon intake and provides information on available bicultural and bilingual staff and contract providers.  The Provider Directory is available in English and Spanish, and in large print.


Free Language Assistance Services

Clients have a right to free language assistance services. 

  • Staff are required to inform clients of this right when language assistance is requested or required. 
  • Clients are also notified of this right through LCBH brochures and other informing materials.
  • Informing materials include language assistance taglines in multiple languages to ensure that clients have access to these services.
  • It is prohibited to expect family members to provide interpreter services. 
  • Client’s children are never used as interpreters.
Contact Information: 

Contact Information

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