The Assessor is an elected position, charged with discovering, identifying, appraising and enrolling annually all locally taxable property, except public utilities and privately owned railroad cars when the state assesses. The Assessor's staff appraises for all taxing agencies in the County.

The Assessor is responsible to establish the Lassen County Assessment Roll. Mandates of the office include administering exemptions that have been established by law to benefit homeowners, senior citizens, charitable organizations, churches and disabled citizens. In addition to implementing all the mandates of Proposition 13 the Assessor's staff must maintain a current mapping and ownership data base for the benefit of the general public, business community and government.  The Assessor's office is regulated by the State of California Board of Equalization.

Lassen County's Online Parcel Search for current secured roll property values are available online, as well as the current assessor parcel map for your area. The secured roll value is the assessed value used for tax purposes in the current fiscal year.

Property Information: This property search tool will allow you to find your property by the assessor's parcel number (APN) or by street address. Some parcels, such as vacant land, do not have street addresses, so you will need to use the APN for your search. The parcel detail screen will show your APN, property situs address, and abbreviated legal description. The values section will include land value, improvement value, any exemption amount and the total assessed value.

Assessor Parcel Maps: Parcel maps are grouped by book-page-parcel. These correspond to the first three parts of your APN. For example, the map containing APN 103-380-10-11 would be referred to as Book 103, Page 38. On that Page, Parcel 10 would be yours.

Disclaimer: Clicking the Online Parcel Search link will direct you to an off-site data service. The data on this site does come directly from the Lassen County Assessor and is frequently updated. While we have a high confidence in the accuracy of this data, we can not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. The Lassen County Assessor and the County of Lassen assume no responsibility arising from the use of this information.

Note: The maps and associated data are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limitied to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Before making decisions using the information provided on these maps and related data, contact the Recorder's Office, the appropriate Lassen County department, and other original sources to confirm the validity of the data provided.

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