New Project Information

Planning a new project? Get the right answer to your questions the first time by asking the right person. Use this checklist as a guideline to contact the various departments that may be involved in your project.

Assessor's Parcel Numbers
Lassen County Assessor's Office - 251-8241
Building Inspection Requests
Planning and Building Services Department - (530) 257-5263 (530-257-LAND)
Building Permit Applications Initiated
Building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, manufactured homes, well and septic, grading
Planning and Building Services Department - (530) 251-8269
CalTrans State Highway Encroachments
Steve Cureton - (530) 225-3499
Stacy Barnes - (530) 225-3314
Fire Protection
CAL FIRE - (530) 257-4171
Land Use, Zoning, Set Backs, Design Reviews, Subdivisions, and Mining Permits
Planning and Building Services Department - (530) 251-8269
Zoning Information Line - (530) 257-5263 (530-257-LAND)
Legal Lot Verification, Certificate of Compliance and Assigning Addresses
Lassen County Surveyor
Brad Danielson, Planning and Building Services Department - (530) 251-8122
Property Taxes
Lassen County Tax Collector - (530) 251-8221
Road Encroachments
Lassen County Road Department; Room 218
Bob McGarva - (530) 251-8116
School Developer Fees
Lassen County Office of Education - (530) 257-2196
Well and Septic Requirements,Inspections and Approvals
Lassen County Health Department - (530) 251-8528
Doug Ames, Alan Jones, or Mike Whipple
1445 Paul Bunyan Road, Suite B
Susanville, CA 96130

Call Before You Dig - 1-800-227-2600