Public Safety Dispatch Center

The Sheriff maintains and staffs a 24 hour per day, 365 days per year Public Safety Dispatch Center. This dispatch center serves as the primary PSAP (public safety answering point) for the majority of Lassen County and all of the City of Susanville. The Public Safety Dispatch Center handles all 9-1-1 calls for law enforcement, fire, and medical aid. The Dispatch Center also receives all emergency and non-emergency calls for both the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department.

When Citizens call for assistance:  the dispatcher has to assess the type of  emergency and then dispatch the appropriate personnel.  Dispatchers have to determine if the nature of the emergency should prompt a response from fire, medical, law enforcement, or combinations of the three disciplines.  These calls may be transferred to the Susanville Interagency Fire Center for a medical or fire response or they may be dispatched via radio to Sheriff’s or Police Personnel.  The Dispatchers also deal with all Officer Initiated Events.  Any time an officer conducts an investigative follow up contact, serves a warrant, subpoena, or other civil paper, conducts a business check, or performs a vehicle stop, or a pedestrian stop, the dispatcher enters these events.  This helps to monitor officer’s activity and safety and to provide information as needed by the field officers.

Contact Information: 

Contact Information

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