Tobacco Awareness and Reduction Coalition

This coalition will focus its efforts on goals specific to meeting the needs of our county. We will be addressing coalition objectives and determining the specific needs of our county.

Mission Statement

To protect our community from the harmful health and economic effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke.


About Tobacco Awareness and Reduction (TAR) Coalition

The Lassen County Tobacco Education Coalition is an alliance of community organizations and individuals collaborating on the common goal of tobacco prevention and health promotion. Its purpose is to advocate for policies that regulate tobacco in Lassen County; collaborate with adjoining communities, business communities, public health agencies, churches, schools, and community-based organizations.

Local Tobacco Statistics

•Lassen County Population: 31, 749
•Incarcerated Population (HDSP, CCC, Federal): 9, 310 (smoke-free population)
•Net Population: 22, 439
•Adult Smoking Prevalence: 20.5%
•Youth (High School Age) Smoking Prevalence: 22.7%
•Stores that Sell Tobacco Products: 34
•Youth Per Store: CA AVG: 267 Lassen: 145
•Number of Adult Smokers for every 1 Store: 168
Data Source: 2016 Healthy Stores for Healthy Community Survey


Areas of Focus

•Flavored Tobacco Policy
•Smoke-free Parks
•Tobacco Prevention Education
•Lee Law: Storefront Advertisements

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Contact Information: 

Contact Information

Vanessa Hanson
Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
Lassen County Public Health
1445 Paul Bunyan Rd. Ste B
96130 Susanville , CA
Mon - Fri:
8:00 am-5:00 pm
Sat - Sun: