Applications and Process Forms

The Department of Planning and Building Services presents applications to multiple bodies including the Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, Architectural Review Committee, and others. Please see applications below, and do not hesitate to contact a planner if you have questions on how to fill out an application or in regard to the process related to each particular application.

Parcel Map, Subdivision, Rezone, and Use Permit applications are usually subject to  the California Environmental Quality Act and require submittal of an Initial Study Application to begin the environmental review process. Depending on the details of your project proposal, your project may be exempt, or further environmental documents may need to be prepared, and their requisite fees paid. Please consult the attached process forms and talk to a planner for more information.

The process forms and applications have been temporarily removed from this site because Lassen County adopted a new fee ordinance (below) on December 10, 2019. Said ordinance became effective on January 9, 2020. Once updated to reflect the new fees, applications and process forms will be put back on this site, in this location. In the interim, please call the Department for information.