Substance Use Disorder Services

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach of culturally relevant prevention, intervention, and treatment through a collaborative community process to improve the lives of individuals and families in our community who are affected by alcohol and other drugs.

Substance Use Disorder Services

Lassen County Behavioral health (LCBH) is proud to offer a high quality continuum of substance use treatment and prevention resources that treat addiction and promote life-long recovery from alcohol and drugs. We recognize the devastating impact of addiction in our community and, for many of us, in the lives of those we love and care for. Our treatment services include specializations for adolescents and adults, women, men, pregnant and post-partum women, and older adults.


Treatment Priority for Pregnant Woman

LCBH regards pregnant women with substance use conditions as a special population needing priority access when seeking substance use treatment. LCBH provides an array of outpatient, intensive outpatient and residential treatment programs designed especially for pregnant women. LCBH is committed to providing priority access to pregnant women in all of its substance use treatment programs that are co-ed or serve women only, whether a perinatal program or not.


Lassen County Behavioral Health-Adults and Transitional Age Youth Information

Lassen County Behavioral Health provides services to Susanville and all of the surrounding areas of the County. The adult team provides a full range of outpatient services: medication, case management, collateral, crisis intervention, and planned behavioral health rehabilitation and treatment. Services are targeted to severely mental ill adult, Transitional Age populations and older adults


SUD Adolescent Psychoeducation Group 

Day(s):  Tuesday

Time:  3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Location:  700 Brashear St.

Age restriction:  under 18 years 

Purpose:  All adolescents must have intake/assessment/treatment plan in place to attend.  This group is designed for youth who have a history of substance use and/or dependence.  Educational groups include information on drugs and alcohol, the dynamics of dependency and addiction, addiction and tolerance, physiological effects of drugs, disease concept. This group uses the “Matrix Model for Teens” Curriculum. The curriculum is an evidence based cognitive behavioral program. 


SUD PROMISES Perinatal Services (women only)

Day(s): Monday -Thursday 

Time: 9:00am-12:00

Location: 700 Brashear St.

Purpose: Promises is an outpatient recovery program for pregnant or parenting, drug and/or alcohol abusing women. The program runs 3 days a week and is usually 3 hours a day. PROMISES uses the Living in Balance curriculum for SUD and has regular guest groups from Lassen Family Services on domestic violence and Public Health. The Nurturing Parenting program is Monday and Wednesday. SUD intake/assessment and Treatment plan are required before attendance to this group.  


SUD Women’s After Care (women only) 

Day(s): Monday 

Time: 330pm-5pm  

Location: 700 Brashear St.  

Purpose: This group is for women who have completed their primary services and are in the action and maintenance stage of recovery.  SUD assessment and Tx plan are required before attendance to this group.   



Alcohol and Drug Psychoeducation (open group) 

Day(s): Thursdays  

Time: 3:30-5:00 PM

Location: Hospital Ln    

Purpose: This group is designed for clients who are in early recovery.  Educational groups include information on drugs and alcohol, the dynamics of dependency and addiction, addiction and tolerance, physiological effects of drugs, disease concept and like areas affected by chemical abuse. SUD intake/assessment and treatment plan are required before attendance to this group.  


Relapse Prevention (open Group)

Day(s): Mondays 330pm-5pm

Location: Hospital Ln  

Purpose: Recovery from Alcohol and other drugs is a process of personal growth with developmental milestones. Relapse prevention is a cognitive-behavioral approach to relapse with the goal of identifying and preventing high risk. Participants will have an understanding of what triggers are and how to manage them. They will make a relapse prevention plan before completing the group. The participants will learn new skills to dealing with their emotions. The curriculum used is an evidence based cognitive behavioral program. 


Adolescent Marijuana Program  

Day(s):  TBA

Location: 700 Brashear St.

Purpose: To help educate Adolescents about Marijuana and the affects it has on the body and our community. This is a 4 -6 hour class. This group is a Probation referral basis only.

Substance Use Disorder Information

If you need Substance Use Disorder Information please contact Beacon at (855) 765-9703, available 24 hours, seven days a week. Beacon counselors are ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A trained health care provider or drug and alcohol counselor will do a screening over the phone. You will be connected to a treatment provider during the call and be offered access to treatment providers in your area.

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